Introducing Penfold

The digital alternative

Penfold is a new, simple, easy and digital kind of Pension launching in 2019. We’re a digital alternative to traditional pension companies, and we allow our users to set up, manage and track their pensions online or on a smartphone.



What exactly is a pension?

A pension just means putting some of your money somewhere specific whilst you are working, and then spending that money when you stop working, to live.

That somewhere specific is a financial product called a Pension, and because the government wants you to have one, they’ll put money into it as well.

That sounds simple enough & pretty good – what’s the problem? 

The problem is that lots of us aren’t prepared. Not only do many of us not really understand what a pension is, we also don’t even know how to save enough for later, and so just aren’t doing the things we need too. So when we’re older, instead of jetting off on a 30 year holiday, we’ll end up just working for even longer.

So what does Penfold do?

We think it should be really easy and quick to understand the key things you need to ‘do’ with your pension, and just as quick and easy to actually do those things.

That includes things like: 

  • Setting your pension up
  • Figuring out how much to save regularly
  • Choosing where the money is kept or invested
  • Claiming tax back from the government
  • Tracking how much you have saved
  • Topping it up with a bonus or
  • Pulling multiple pension balances into one place.
  • We’ll show how mind-blowing a difference it makes to start saving early

Penfold is the one-stop digital shop for getting all those things done in a stress-free way that’s easy to understand and simple to do.

Why Penfold and not another pension provider?

We make things easy to understand and simple to do, and it’s all digital. You’ll never need to post something to us or call us or come and see us (although you’re welcome to do all three 🙂 ). We’re based entirely on the web or on your smartphone.

This is just the starting point, though. We don’t want the Penfold pension to just be better than the current, paper-based alternatives, we want to work with the Penfold community to build the future of pensions. What about setting up or paying into a pension for your kids? What about investing your pension in an ethical way, so it’s doing good around the world? What about earning rewards like airmiles for paying into your pension? These things really excite us.

Is Penfold for me?

Can you put your hand on your heart and say “My pension is completely sorted”? If no…

Then Penfold is for you.

We plan to be an “auto-enrolment eligible” pension scheme the end of 2019 (which just means that your employer can pay into Penfold too), but before then we’ll be launching our ‘beta’ pension. Anyone can be a part of the Penfold Beta, but it will be especially interesting in the short term for sole traders/the self-employed/freelancers.

We’re rolling it out in small batches, but you can join the waiting list, here.

You can also join our community on Facebook, where our early users share feedback and ideas on how to make Penfold the best Pension there is.

If you have any questions, please get in touch anytime:



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